In the lead-up to the UK election, I’ve been thinking about whether democracy is fit for purpose, and whether there’s a better way. How about a future where government decisions actually reflect the values and WISDOM of the people at LARGE? It’s a world without political chaos, corruption and ineptitude, which places ethics and fairness squarely central. My idea of DEaLership (not a great word I know) proposes combining advanced technologies and AI to create a BETTER system of government.

Our current democratic systems are outdated and, frankly, struggling. Representative democracy, which in the UK was born just a half-hour from where I live in West London with the Magna Carta, was once an amazing innovation. Now, it faces serious problems like youth disillusionment, wealth inequality, and massive dissatisfaction. My proposed solution is DEaLership, which offers a new approach using moral graphs. These detailed maps show decisions and outcomes based on our ACTUAL collective values. Through this approach, government decisions are actually WISE and ETHICAL, aligning with what the population AT LARGE truly cares about.

In DEaLership, we, the people, continuously share our values and ethical views through surveys and polls. This creates an alive database, acting as the UK’s moral compass. AI systems then use this data to guide our laws and policies, making governance MORE RESPONSIVE and in tune with our current values. I’m sure an approach like this would ensure HIGHER AGREEMENT on the hard issues. It’d reduce corruption and massively enhance civic engagement.

To be clear. I AM VOTING TODAY. BUT, I’m also imagining a new future where DEaLership transform democracies for the better. If this post resonates, there will be an expanded version to come.

Is it time for an upgrade? What do you think?