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Hi, I'm Matt O'Neill, AI Speaker, but you can call me the Optimistic Futurist. I'm here to shed light on how AI can forge a brighter future for your business. As a speaker and writer on AI, my goal is to infuse your audience with hope and actionable insights that will usher them into an exciting future. I'm adept at helping organisations understand the significance of Artificial Intelligence and its role in our lives.

Having initiated three ventures in the marketing and communications sector, and having faced a major challenge, I've come to value boldness and the power to bounce back. A relentless curiosity about our changing world propels me to equip individuals for a world of surprises. This quest led to my writing "The Future is Now" and "Future Hackers", both aimed at steering people towards shaping a positive destiny for themselves.

But my work isn't limited to just talking about these ideas; I live them. This sincere approach has made me a trusted leader in this arena. I’m eager to work with you in getting your company ready for the transformations ahead.

Previous engagements:

As a Futurist and speaker on AI, I'm proud to have worked with over 300 clients around the world, in 50 different countries across four continents. My journey has taken me through a variety of events: from large-scale management gatherings and trade exhibitions to customer events, leadership seminars, and beyond. My engagements have allowed me to interact with professionals from a wide range of fields including finance, transportation, IT, legal services, insurance, retail, hospitality, marketing, government bodies, charities, and many more.

future matt oneill

Here's a quick look at some of the distinguished companies I've had the privilege to partner with:

With such a wide-ranging experience across various types of events and industries, I am uniquely positioned to offer insights and guidance that are truly valuable, tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

Why Choose Me?

Booking me isn't just about adding another session to your event—it's about delivering a comprehensive, interactive experience. Here's what you can expect:

  • Direct Approach: I cut through the complexity, offering you clear-cut concepts and practical tools ready for action immediately.
  • Visual Clarity: I use distinctive visual materials to ensure the message resonates with everyone.
  • Concise Guides: Each attendee receives a succinct, one-page summary that demystifies complex topics.
  • Engaging Format: My sessions are rich with visuals and opportunities for group discussions, maintaining high engagement and stimulating thought.
  • Ongoing Dialogue: Post-event, I'm available for a chat on LinkedIn to continue the exchange of ideas. I'm committed to resolving any lingering queries.

AI and Leadership: Adapting to the New Age of Intelligent Machines

Join me for "AI and Leadership: Adapting to the New Age of Intelligent Machines" a keynote aimed at helping senior leaders navigate the fast-changing world of artificial intelligence (AI). AI is reshaping our businesses and society. Leaders can light the way for both shareholders, customers and staff with inventive and ethical strategies – or they will fall behind. We’ll look at ten key shifts that every leader with an eye to the future needs to make to guide their teams towards a world where tech works hand in hand with human talent.

Here’s a peek of what we dive into:

  • Staying Current: Understanding the importance of keeping up to date with AI and AGI and how to do it.
  • Ethical AI Practices: The need to make and follow moral guidelines for using AI in your company.
  • Adapting to People and Regulation: Keeping an eye on and responding to changes in public opinion and the regulatory environment.
  • Solving Problems with AI: Using AI to help make tough decisions and improve how your organisation works.
  • Preparing for Market Shifts: Planning for the big changes that AI and AGI will bring to the business landscape.
  • Learning as You Go: Creating a workplace that values ongoing training and knowledge about AI.
  • Thinking Ahead with AI: Planning for the long term with AI and AGI in mind.
  • Managing your reputation: Being clear about how your company uses AI and its effect on society.
  • Gaining Insights with AI: Putting resources into AI to get a better understanding of complex data for your business.
  • Mixing AI with Human Skills: Seeing the benefits and limits of AI and balancing them with what people do best.

This talk is packed with insights, ideas, and a look ahead to help you feel confident about leading teams through this era of rapid technological change.

I will give you:

  • Plans to help you stay at the cutting edge of AI trends.
  • Steps to put in place ethical AI procedures in your workplace.
  • Ways to keep your organisation in line with changing public opinion and legislation.
  • Ways to use AI to make better decisions and work more efficiently.
  • Tips for building a learning environment that embraces AI progress.
  • Advice for making long-term business plans that take AI into account.
  • How to maintain a good public reputation when using AI.
  • Techniques to use AI to gather valuable business insights.
  • The best way to combine AI with the natural strengths of your team.

In the world of AI, leading isn't just about knowing technology; it's about understanding right and wrong, what people need, and how to mix human and artificial intelligences. Leaders who do well will use AI smartly and creatively while carefully handling its problems. Let's work together to create a style of leadership that is tough, moral, and innovative in the age of smart machines.


"We had a great experience working with Matt. From the initial discussions on what we were wanting to achieve, the liaison back and forth was quick and on point and as a result the session ran really well.

His engaging style was embraced by our team and we left the strategy day with everyone excited about the future, the direction were are taking and the tools available to help us succeed.

In the following days I have had countless conversations with my colleagues on how motivated they feel following this.

I would recommend Matt if you have similar opportunities, are forward thinking, wanting to grow in the coming years and want to take your team with you."

Steve Jones
Chief Executive, Wyboston Lakes Limited

"Working with you was a real pleasure. Compared with previous experiences working with keynote presenters, your proactive approach and willingness to be in direct communication has been refreshing.

You delivered the energy and inspiration we were looking for to start off the conference. Our priority is to deliver an engaging and insightful day for our clients, and Matt’s opening keynote helped to set the tone. Feedback has been super positive, highlighting Matt’s ability to captivate and motivate as well as educate.

I would recommend you to others. While the topic of AI is being widely covered, you offer a unique perspective and style that really resonated with our clients. Plus, as mentioned, you're a pleasure to work with."

Sandra Goosens
Head of Marketing, Training and Events, ECA International