Technology Futurist Keynote Speaker, Matt O'Neill - Inspire your positive future

We can never be future-proof, but we can be future-ready. So, as technological development moves from linear to exponential, you will acquire the foresight to gain a new competitive advantage. Technology Futurist Matt O'Neill shows you the future of technology trends shaping our lives in realistic and human terms; and how you can apply them to build your positive future.

Equip your organisation with future-fit thinking to enable fresh realisation in your team. The topic areas I cover in my technology futurist keynote include, but are not limited to:

Foundational Technology layers – understand how and why Artificial Intelligence and Biotechnology are the 21st-century bedrocks for all other layers to build upon.

  • Artificial Intelligence: Understanding the evolution of AI, automation, and why society will need to adapt
  • Biotechnology: Understand why, and how technology is evolving from mechanical to organic. What new products are emerging and the problems they will solve.

Technological Interface layers – understand critical technologies that will build on the foundations outlined above.

  • Augmented Reality: Computer-generated imagery projected onto the real world. We’ll explore its history, applications, and forecasts for development.
  • The Metaverse: Fully immersive computer-generated environments. Separating the bullshit from the reality.
  • Brain-Computer Interfaces: Communicating with machines and one another using the power of thought. Implications – including Cyber Security for the human brain!
  • Holographic Projection: Why it’s nothing new, what it looks like and why it could be a while before going mainstream.

Leading in the era of rapid technological change:

  • Leadership Skills: The mindsets and skills leaders will need to develop? AND the skills they will need to nurture in the people they lead?
  • Technology and Ethics: In the era of diminished public trust, how must organisations demonstrate responsible use of customer data?
  • ‘Enlarging leadership’ for innovation: Why leaders of the future won't have a succession plan but need a succession queue!
  • Continual Learning is critical: Why it matters and how to foster learning that's fit for the 21st Century.
  • Generation Alpha and Beta: So much has been written about the 'Zoomers'. What will ‘digital native’ workforces bring from 2030 and beyond?
  • Future Shocks: Covid changed everything. BUT - How can you prepare for the next future shock; The New VUCA!
  • Organisations of the Future: What are quantum organisations? AND - How to lead them!
  • Jobs of the Future: Where will future jobs come from? How will roles in your industry evolve (customised for your audience.)
  • Being Future-Ready: Getting comfortable with sophisticated technology!

"Matt has a wonderful ability to deeply connect and understand and communicate what is most relevant to a given audience. He has a mastery of cognitive synthesis; the ability to take information from a very wide variety of sources together with his own research and help people make sense of these new insights and relay new ideas and perspectives on the future of technology."

Melanie Small,
Account Director, Randstad Risesmart

Power up your people with fresh insight - and watch your organisation thrive

Why Matt O'Neill is the ideal Futurist Keynote Speaker for Your Event

Most event keynote speakers believe their job is delivering content. To me, that's selling short. I judge success by enabling the actionable, fresh realisation of the world around us. My job is only complete if your audience leaves the event feeling inspired to do something different tomorrow than they did today.

I bring unique expertise to your conference or event, and enable fresh understanding for your participants. It's not just about facts and figures but also entertaining and motivating your audience with stories, stunning visuals and humour. With the Covid-19 pandemic still ongoing, I'm equally comfortable presenting on a range of virtual event platforms or in person. As a result, your audience will leave feeling reinvigorated and motivated to create their positive futures.

"You were easy to work with and provided really practical insight and contacts to help us move forward."

Dave Barrett
Deputy CEO, British Board of Film Classification

Keynote Speaker Matt O'Neill: Experienced and Versatile
Vitual Keynote Speech and Presentation at Highest Quality

Future of Work

What are the technologies set to change the future workplace? We explore how existing jobs will be destroyed - and those that will be created. Why will this happen? And – importantly – how can we prepare ourselves for an exciting and very different Future of Work?

The Big 21st Century Trends

Here, we explore emerging technologies and challenges our species is facing. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Biotechnology, and Climate Change. What should audiences be aware of, and how can they live harmoniously and productively in a dramatically changing world?

Machines vs. Humans

We hear so much about how machines are taking over the world. But is that really the case? How can we future-ready ourselves and, importantly, prepare our children for a world so different to the one we inhabit now?

Post-Pandemic Life

The future is less predictable than ever because the COVID-19 pandemic has thrown up challenges in the connected worlds of health, politics, consumer needs and market uncertainty. Nevertheless, there is an opportunity, and we explore what this is and where it comes from.

Future of Leadership

Leaders of the future will need new skills and characteristics to propel them forward. That's because organisations will look entirely different. In this keynote, we explore new forms of organisational structure, why brute force analysis should be left to the machines and the human skills we need to develop as leaders and foster in others.

Bespoke keynotes and workshops

As an event speaker, I have created industry-specific content for numerous sectors. That includes retail, manufacturing, construction, software, financial services and more. So, get in touch!


Client: Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management
Topic: The Evolving Workplace: FM and the Future of Work

Client: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Topic: Inventing the Future of Retail: Ideas to grow our business with

Client: Randstad Risesmart
Topic: Being Future Ready: Strategies to thrive in an era of Uncertainty

Client: Alibaba
Topic: The Future of Leadership: Managing in the AI Era

Client: Ocean Outdoor (Creative Competition)
Topic: Creativity and Digital Out of Home: How to be Future-Ready!

Client: British Parking Association
Topic: Being Future-Ready: Growth & New Revenue Opportunities

Futurist Matt O'Neill during a Keynote Speech

Who is Futurist.Matt?

Prior to becoming a futurist & keynote speaker, Matt O'Neill spent over 20 years developing marketing and communications businesses. They include an innovative events company, cutting edge video marketing products and a marketing communications agency. He has worked at the cutting edge of media throughout.

His real interest lies at the intersection between technology and humanity. His positive outlook means he's always looking for ways to fuse the best of what technology has to offer and how we humans flourish alongside.

What you get from working with Matt:

Client Testimonials

"You pushed the limits of some of our attendees’ minds with ideas that have since created conversation and debate – something which was a key part of the brief. He even visited one of projects before the event to gain some specific examples relevant to our audience."

Emma Tongue
Communication Manager Morgan Sindall PLC

"To say Matt is generous with his time, energy and intellect is an understatement. And his generosity of spirit sets him absolutely over and above."

Caron Fassetta
Membership Director British Parking Association

"Your presentation had people talking for days. Your insights into the Future of Work were invaluable as was the interactive and insightful discussion. We look forward to inviting you back again."

Ryan McCarthy
Head of L&D Macquarie Corporate Bank

6 years working with wide-ranging clients:

  • Association of Association Executives
  • British Board of Film Classification
  • British Parking Association
  • Epicor PLC
  • Greenwood Academies Trust
  • Greenfields Community Housing
  • International Association of Business Communicators
  • Joseph and Co - Events
  • Macquarie Corporate Bank
  • Morgan Sindall Infrastructure
  • National Accident Helpline Group
  • Ocean Outdoor
  • Randstad Risesmart
  • Sage Software
  • Swan Housing
  • Unibail Rodamco Westfield
  • Vistage Leaders Network
  • And many more...

The World is Changing. Futurist Keynote Speaker Matt
Highlights the Challenges and Opportunities Arising.

As a keynote speaker, futurist Matt O'Neill aims to inspire, challenge, and equip your audience with future-readiness. With his team, Matt is constantly assessing future trends and disruptive technologies. Then, through an interactive process, we distil our insight to be strategically relevant for your organisation and deliver a keynote tailored to your event.

Event Speaker Futurist Matt O'Neill covers diverse and relevant future industry trends. He also speaks about the future of society.

Some of Matt's previous keynote speech topics:

  • Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, and Climate Change;
  • Robotic Process Automation and its Impact on Future of Work;
  • The Future of Leadership, and
  • Sector specific talks including Retail, Manufacturing, Construction, Software, Financial services and more.

Get in touch if you're planning your next corporate event and want a keynote speaker who enables fresh realisation!