Client Testimonials

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“Working with you was a joy. We briefed you carefully about our intended audience's likely concerns which you carefully integrated into a draft presentation. You were happy to finetune and adapt to ensure that we were completely satisfied. The three chosen themes could have all been the subject of a full day in their own right, but you managed to encapsulate the key issues in a lucid and fascinating 30 minutes.

Your visuals were excellent, enhancing what we heard. You're a fluent and thoughtful speaker. who went the extra mile to do a great job. It is rare to find a keynote speaker so willing to listen and adapt to our needs. Our audience, tired at the end of a long congress, found you thought-provoking and engaging. Your passion for your subject shines through and I believe you'd do a fantastic job speaking for any organisation who wanted to hear about future trends and technology.”

Julia Jepps, Programme and Research Director

“Our audience of business leaders enjoyed your stories and examples which provided much food for thought. You were really relevant to our event. People loved it”

Alix Farquhar, Lead Consultant

"We engaged you to assist us in exploring future opportunties and threats to the business. In collaboration, you identified an insightful range of topic areas to research. The written report and all staff presentation generated lots of good discussion. Both will help us shape future business strategy. You were easy to work with and provided really practical insight and contacts to help us move forward."

Dave Barrett, Chief Operating Officer

"This reference has taken me so long to write, not because I was struggling to know what to say but because I didn’t know how to sum up my experience of working with Matt. But time is pressing on and starting at the beginning is probably the best place.

From the start, Matt has done nothing but inspire me. He has given me the opportunity to have experiences in the workplace that have pushed the boundaries - VR helmets and all - and presented ideas and creativity far beyond expectations not least because they were shared having known Matt, at that stage, only for a short while.

The pandemic presented us with a unique opportunity to work together on the BPA annual conference once we knew that we would be cancelling the physical event and would be turning it into a virtual one, a first for the BPA, and for me and the team too.

During these last few months I can safely say that there is no way we would have able to produce an event that has made me prouder to be involved with than any other in my 25 year career. He has been selfless at every single step of the way. He has taken time and considerable energy to present ideas that we could embrace, and helped us realise beyond what we could have ever envisioned. The results have been incredible. The feedback unheard of. The outcome is one that is so long lasting in terms of our reputation, our relevance and our relationship with members, and as a membership association, nothing is more important to us than that.

And then there was his keynote. What a presentation that was, as we weaved through future-readiness, how we will embrace new ways of working as the pandemic has shown us we’re so capable of, to the relationship we’re all going to need to have with AI and how important we are as humans in amongst it all. But he didn’t just rock up on the day and present to people. Illustrations in our monthly magazine accompanied a brilliant interview with Matt. Totally on-point promo films shared across social media helped build excitement and anticipation, and a fabulous podcast post-event closed the show.

To say Matt is generous with his time, energy and intellect is an understatement. And his generosity of spirit sets him absolutely over and above.

My respect for the way you see things knows no bounds, Matt. And your ability to communicate at a level that ensures you take everyone with you is a skill that should be much admired. For all of this, Matt, I cannot express my gratitude enough."

Caron Fassetta, Membership Director

“Like all the best advisers, you ask not only the right questions, but also the challenging ones; always with a view on securing the best result for us.”

Stephen Welch, Communications Lead

“Matt was an incredible speaker for our Digital Disruption event at Unilever. His talk revealed key strategies for discovering your core values as a leader and using them to effectively engage and motivate people.”

Rosie Topp, Co-Founder

“Your Future of Manufacturing work was invaluable in helping our customers better understand where opportunities and threats to their businesses lie.”

Scott Addington, Director EMEA Marketing

"You led a thought-provoking session for the Board and leadership team which challenged our thinking about the future. The session took us out of our comfort zone and opened our minds to a different future."

Sandra Crosby, Housing Director

“Every week we ask speakers from all backgrounds to come and talk to our enthusiastic audience. Your talk 'How to Future Proof your life' really inspired our members.

I have worked with and watched a lot of speakers over the years. I can honestly say that you were one of the most professional, prepared, passionate and knowledgeable speakers we have had.

You certainly gave an "Interesting Talk!"

Matt Kendall, Founder

“You provided the kick off scene setter for the International Association of Business Communicator's flagship Future Fit Communcation event in 2108 in the UK. You gave a fantastic overview of how augmented reality and artificial intelligence are changing and will continue to change the landscape, and posed some great questions. But more than that - as we prepared for the session you provided a stream of ideas, questions and challenges that got us thinking about how we could get the most from our meeting. And on the day you not only delivered but continued to comment, question and get us all thinking about how we need to understand how what is coming affects us today.”

Mike Pounsford, IABC Chair

“You was a great addition to our Conference lineup, helping workplace and facilities professionals to conceptualise future opportunities with a lively and creative presentation. A real positive was Matt's engagement in the weeks leading up to the event, his background research, and overall approach to making sure that his content was bang on.”

Jenny Thomas, Director of Communication and Insight

“You acted as one of our speakers at a recent Executive Roundtable Discussion we hosted which focused on the future of Corporate Global Mobility.

The majority of the session was focused around the use of data and technology which was interesting but a bit flat and lacking a certain energy.

Fortunately for us and our delegates, you took us on a thought-provoking journey which centred around the future world of work. Your industry knowledge and ability to trigger fresh, forward-thinking avenues of thought was masterful and resulted in an excitement fuelled debate.

A number of our attendees mentioned how much they enjoyed your input and said they would love to hear you speak again.”

Shaun Griggs, Managing Director

"You delivered a highly engaging session for our HR community on the Future of Work. A lot of great discussions were had and we all came away with plenty of insights on the topic. Your content was slick and thoughtful and you were a pleasure to have at our offsite."

Annabel West, Associate Director, HR

"Your presentation had people talking for days.  Your insights into the Future of Work were invaluable as was the interactive and insightful discussion.  We look forward to inviting you back again."

Ryan McCarthy, Head of Learning and Development

"We engaged Matt for our leadership conference and it was a great experience and success. Matt worked collaboratively with us taking time to understand what we want to get out of the event, and then brought with him his knowledge, wisdom and experience to create a session that was inspiring and thought provoking.

He pushed the limits of some of our attendees’ minds with ideas that have since created conversation and debate – something which was a key part of the brief. He even visited one of projects before the event to gain some specific examples relevant to our audience.

Thank you Matt, it was pleasure to work with you."

Emma Tongue, Communications and Marketing Manager

“You ran a session at our annual board strategy day and made the whole team think again about some of the challenges facing us. You’re easy to work with and passionate about doing a good job. I have no hesitation in recommending your work. ”

Russell Atkinson, CEO

“Matt is a thought leader on the future of work and is gifted at helping organisations prepare for change with rapid and disruptive technological advancement underway. I noticed his work online and engaged him to deliver a keynote for an educational webinar series at Nottingham Trent University, looking at how tech innovation and change might affect human-centred areas of work - specifically those related to the discipline of Psychology.

During the 3-day webinar series, titled 'The Future of Work in Psychology', we explored with Matt and other experts from the field, some key challenges and opportunities ahead that psychology students and specialists can reflect on and take advantage of. Matt's keynote was absolutely brilliant.

We were a large group of participants (including staff and students) and couldn't help but notice Matt's skill as a presenter. He knows just how to capture and hold the attention of a large group, and online! His thoughtful analysis of current and historical technological developments, in-depth international research and sound trend forecasting were all apparent in the inspiring keynote address we witnessed.

Matt used AI technology in the delivery of his presentation, which made the experience that much cooler! He makes it a point to listen to his clients and to understand the intended purpose of the projects he becomes a part of.

He also went beyond the call of duty and took the time a few days after the keynote to join a panel discussion with our Employability team. His perspective as a futurist added great value to these proceedings.

As the organiser, I must say that I found Matt to be the consummate professional and an all-round great person to work with. Thank you.”

Dr Jessica S Dunn, Senior Lecturer, Occupational Psychology

“Our event centres around Ideas and Creativity and the evolution of our medium, digital out of home.

On our voyage of discovery we continue to look for further inspiration, and Matt delivered this in spades. Having completed some prior research, he uncovered some concepts which aligned perfectly to the brief and to the audience, giving us some creative food for thought and a toolkit to future ready ourselves.

A fantastic addition to our event, and a great speaker.”

Helen Haines, Head of Marketing and Events

“Matt has a wonderful ability to deeply connect and understand and communicate what is most relevant to a given audience. He has a mastery of cognitive synthesis; the ability to take information from a very wide variety of sources together with his own research and help people make sense of these new insights and relay new ideas and perspectives. I have personally learned a lot from Matt and would highly recommend partnering with him as he provides unique perspectives on the future world of work.”

Melanie Small, Account Director

“Your work in helping us define messaging for a wide range of stakeholders was invaluable. We particularly valued your network to bring in additional sector expertise. And, you were easy to work with, despite a tough deadline.”

Scott Addington, Enterprise Marketing Director (UK)

“You helped on the preparation of our new corporate strategy with a particular emphasis on how we will interact with our customers, how our organisation might evolve and how we can meet the needs and desires of our staff.  You were able to present a of likely likely future developments  to our board which reflected the latest thinking but allowed practical action to be taken to ensure that we are ready to take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the risk.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you to others.”

Jamie Smith, Deputy CEO

“The only constant is that everything will change. This is even more relevant for Expats who move to new cities, where cultures and social networks and are constantly reinventing and remoulding themselves. To this is added the rapid development in technology and application and the changes they will create in the workplace, society, communications, social and work structures.

Your interactive session to our members about all these forces shaping the current and future and led them through an engaging discussion on implications.

You were extremely effective in helping the group imagine and visualise the future and how they could prepare themselves and their families to not only confront but also take advantage from it. A brilliant use of 2 hours of all our attendees"

Raj Dan, Founder

“Thank you so very much for your fascinating and truly compelling presentation, expertise and insights. So many clients and contacts want to connect with you. Everyone loved it. Let’s carry on the conversations and set another date for an event!"

Mel Small, Business Development Director

"I first met Matt presenting as the keynote speaker for Ocean’s digital creative competition, where his knowledge coupled with energy and passion to present about the future of OOH impressed the Commercial Partnerships team at Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

We subsequently asked him to prepare a workshop for our European seminar in Barcelona, where he presented and facilitated discussion and ideas surrounding the future of retail within a commercial context. He has been a pleasure to work with, from collaborating on content, to updating us on the progress of the deck and meeting key stakeholders ahead of the seminar.

He came to the seminar very well prepared with tailored research and high concept ideas, and manages to explain them in a way that is inspiring, understandable and relevant (no easy task when the majority of the team’s first language is not English!) The entire team came out of his session invigorated, with new ways of applying creativity into practice. His workshop made me take a step back from my day to day to examine and prioritise our challenges as well as capitalise on where we can win as a commercial team for the future.

Matt brings a wealth of knowledge to any brief you give him, and his enthusiasm and commitment is evident in everything he does."

Grace Herbert-Lo, Commercial Partnerships Manager

"Feedback from my CEO members on level, pace, “degree of complexity & extremism” was that it was pitched just right and very engaging. You was also very impressive in the research you did beforehand on each of the attendees to see how future trends may resonate, with their specific areas of growth, and therefore tailoring the content. THANK YOU."

Fiona Lloyd-Williams, Vistage Chair