AntifragilityI had the pleasure of collaborating with the brilliant Maria Franzoni recently, and together, we decided to create a series of concise Zoom interviews discussing key future trends. 🚀

In our eighth discussion topic, we delve into why developing resilience isn’t a future-ready trait. We need something better than that!

Resilience is often seen as our ability to bounce back from tough situations. Imagine losing your job and thinking, “No worries, I can find another one in my field.” But what if entire job categories vanish due to automation? That’s where the decade-old concept of ‘Antifragility’ comes in. Unlike resilience, antifragility is about “bouncing forward” and flourishing through adversity. When an antifragile person faces job loss, they see a world of possibilities: finding a new job, freelancing, furthering their education, or starting a business. This mindfluid of embracing options in the face of challenges is what we should aspire to foster in ourselves and our children.

Join us in the ‘Becoming Superhuman‘ workshop to discover the importance of cultivating antifragility and learn easy ways to develop it in ourselves, our teams, and our kids. Let’s build a future-ready mindfluid together, one that bounces forward and thrives!

These bite-sized conversations, lasting no more than two minutes, will be released every Tuesday and Thursday. I hope you enjoy them! 😊

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