It’s a question that comes my way often. The answer’s straightforward: AI is the foundational technology of the 21st Century. For me, it’s not the tech that’s mind-blowing — it’s the seismic shifts it’s triggering. Sure, the road ahead has its bumps — think significant job disruptions and a pressing need for societal adaptation. But, the flip side? A world brimming with possibilities and unprecedented access to quality healthcare and much more.

My role? I’m here to navigate these waves, ensuring people are primed to flourish in what’s next. Focusing on the near future, I spotlight the skills, mindsets, and tech that turbocharge productivity. Because, let’s face it, in the near term, it’s not AI coming to take your job. A human being with AI probably is.

This felt particularly relevant as I gear up for my eighth AI workshop of 2024 in Bedford, UK. I’m linking up with an ambitious venue management company, set to scale with the growing demand for business events. It’s thrilling to be a small part of their journey.

“I thoroughly enjoyed your session and haven’t stopped talking about it to anyone who will listen (and even those who don’t) 😀 The first thing I am packing for my vacation next week is your book. Can’t wait to dig in deeper.” – CWT

“Matt, that was really incredible! Thank you so much – what a huge lever and fascinating eye opener. 💥” – OLB Bank (Germany)

“Great job! This crystalized a few ideas and ignited many more. Timely and entertaining as well! Thanks again!” – SugarCRM

Are you keen to make your team AI-wise and future-ready? Dive into the workshop PDF. Shoot me an email directly.