AI Speaker Matt O'Neill on Zoom CallIn a fascinating interview with The Verge, Zoom CEO Eric Yuan shared a bold vision for the future of work: digital avatars, or “digital twins,” that attend Zoom meetings and make decisions for us. This idea isn’t just about saving time; it’s about changing how we work and spend our time. Yuan imagines a future where AI-powered avatars handle routine tasks, giving us more time for important things and personal growth. Picture sending your AI clone to a meeting while you use that time to brainstorm new ideas or spend time with family.

This move towards using digital humans in the workplace is a bigger trend in many industries. But how do we prepare for this change, and how can we stay valuable in a world with more automation?

First, at the heart, it’s continuous learning. Learn the basics of AI and machine learning, and understand how it fits your work. You’ll be more adaptable and use AI tools to boost your productivity and creativity.

Second, focus on skills that AI can’t easily copy. Emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, and solving complex problems human strengths. Building these skills make you essential, providing exponential, insightful leaps and leadership that AI can’t yet.

Lastly, think of ‘synthesising’. How do you combine what’s available to make your work processes smoother, don’t be afraid to try new tools and methods. By staying ahead, you turn disruptions into opportunities for growth and advancement.

As we approach another significant technological shift, it’s clear that the future of work will be a mix of human creativity and AI efficiency. I assure you, that the people who thrive in the AI era will be amazing listeners, communicators, and with a pinch of tech know-how!

If your team needs a springboard to future-readiness, get in touch. I have a range of keynotes and workshops aimed at getting you there! 😀