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Becoming Superhuman!

Supercharge your productivity through the new AI ecosystem and future-ready life hacks.

Imagine a world where you can harness the power of AI to skyrocket productivity and creativity, while also providing your team with the flexibility they crave. With new approaches, we can have it all. “Becoming Superhuman” is a cutting-edge keynote that will change the game for you and your organisation. Discover the latest technology and future-ready life hacks that will transform your business and help you become exponentially more productive and happier too, all with less effort, including:

  • AI and the world of work: Making sense of the key concepts, value, and advances.
  • GPT-4: Understand its use in context with your needs. Discover advanced prompting techniques (customised for each audience).
  • The Wider AI Ecosystem: See the landscape of what you can use today. Understand where it's heading.
  • Developing yourself for the AI Age: Techniques to develop your synthesising mind and how Resilience 2.0 will make you future-ready!
  • Bringing it together: The Key Takeaways: Assistive NOT Replacement technologies, Computerisation AND Humanisation.

I will give you:

  • The insights, tools, and techniques to supercharge
    your productivity.
  • The mindset and life hacks to handle rapid technological change.
  • The perspective to understand what AI is capable of and where it's heading.

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Riding the AI Wave

Do it Right with Heart and Smarts!

Dive into the exciting world of artificial intelligence (AI)! We're at the start of a brilliant time where AI isn't just changing our work but also how we think about right and wrong and what's important to us. "Riding the AI Wave: Do it Right with Heart and Smarts!" is a lively keynote that's all about the big opportunities AI gives us and how to use it wisely and kindly. It's for leaders who want to use the power of AI in ways that are good for everyone.

  • The Ups and Downs of AI: We'll explore the amazing things AI can do and the tough bits too. Knowing both sides helps our organisations grow.
  • Trust and AI in Business: We'll talk about how being honest and doing the right thing can make people trust how we use AI. It's about being careful and responsible.
  • Working Together with AI: We'll see how collaborating with others makes AI safer and fairer for all. By coming together, we build an AI world trusted by everyone.
  • Rules for Using AI: We'll learn why having clear rules for AI in our work matters. This helps us regulate AI systems properly from start to finish.
  • Getting Set for Future AI: Get yourself ready with the right thinking and plans for when AI grows and changes, ready to grab new chances and face any problems.

This talk is full of helpful stuff and ideas to make you feel sure about dealing with the world of AI.

You'll walk away with:

  • A full view of what AI can do and the challenges we might meet.
  • Advice on building trust and using AI fairly and properly.
  • Ways to make AI better and safer by working together.
  • Knowledge to create strong AI leadership in your work.
  • A plan for keeping up with AI as it changes and brings new chances.

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AI and Leadership

Adapting to the New Age of Intelligent Machines

Join "AI and Leadership: Adapting to the New Age of Intelligent Machines," an AI keynote for business leaders to lead people in the AI era. AI is changing our companies and communities. Leaders need to show everyone from investors to staff the smart way to use AI, or risk getting left behind. We'll cover ten big changes leaders should be ready for to help their teams succeed in a future where technology and people work better together.

Here’s an overview of what we cover:

  • Keeping Up-to-Date: Learn why it's important to stay informed about AI and how to do it easily.
  • AI with a Conscience: We need rules for using AI right, and we'll talk about how to make them in a way that’s right and fair.
  • Changing with the Times: Understand how to keep up with what people think and evolving regulations.
  • AI for Smarter Choices: Find out how innovative AI can help solve problems and make your organisation better.
  • Ready for Big Changes: Get ready for the seismic ways AI will change how we do business.
  • Continual Learning by Default: Create a place where learning about AI becomes a part of employee key performance indicators.
  • Planning with AI in Mind: Think about how AI will shape the future of your organisation.
  • Looking Good with AI: Be clear within and externally about your AI use and how it helps people.
  • Understanding Data with AI: How to use AI to make sense of complex information for your business.
  • People and AI Together: See how AI's strengths and limits can work with what people do best.

This session is full of useful tips and forward-thinking ideas to help you lead confidently through era of rapid technological change.

You'll walk away with:

  • Plans for keeping on top of AI developments.
  • Simple ways to put AI ethics into action at work.
  • Advice for matching your business to public opinion, laws and regulation.
  • Steps to make better choices with AI's help.
  • Tips for encouraging learning about AI at work.
  • Guidance for long-term thinking about AI in business.
  • How to keep a strong reputation with AI use.
  • Ways to use AI for valuable insights into your business.
  • The best balance of AI and human talent.

Leading with AI is about more than technology. It's about understanding right and wrong, what people need, and mixing human skills with AI. Leaders who will do well are those who use AI to get better results and think creatively, while also being careful and considerate about AI's challenges. Taking on AI means changing the core of how we lead, readying ourselves for a future where smart machines play a bigger part in our lives. Let's move into this new age together and develop a leadership style that's strong, fair, and ahead of the game in the era of intelligent machines.

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Life in 2035 - A Day in the Life

The Optimistic Futurist's Vision

Step into the future with us in "Life in 2035: A Day in the Life." We're going to look at a time where our lives are woven with amazing tech. This keynote is for anyone who wants to see how we could live in harmony with the innovations that will impact our lives in the next decade.

Take a look at what we'll cover:

  • AI + Robotic Helpers: Imagine having AI that helps keep you healthy and happy. We'll talk about finding the right mix of AI company and real human connections, so we use our smart pals wisely without getting too hooked on them. Digital Flourishing is the way forward!
  • Learning and Work of Tomorrow: Discover the cool ways the next generations will learn and the kinds of jobs that don't even exist yet. We'll discuss how to reskill current employees and help those who lose jobs to smart machines.
  • Eco-Friendly Cities: Visualise cities filled with plants, smart rubbish that sorts itself, and clean power. I want to show you how living in cities can be good for us and the earth, including in the older places that are part of our history.
  • Tech's Role in Bringing Us Together: See how technology might make the world closer and stronger, where everyone understands each other better. We'll also look at how we can all get smart about our digital information and keep our rich mix of cultures shining.

This talk will be full of fresh thoughts and pictures to help you feel ready and hopeful for steering your business into the next ten years.

What you'll get from this:

  • Plans to fit future tech into how you grow your business now.
  • Simple ways to get people of all ages working together, so they're all set for new tech and different ways of living together.
  • A deep (and sometimes controversial) look at how to make your business green, which is great for nature, too.
  • Tips on using tech to celebrate what makes us different, bring us all together, and keep our creativity alive.

"Life in 2035 - A Day in the Life" isn't just about guessing the future; it's a practical plan for a brighter tomorrow. Join me to be part of the journey towards a place where we all do well, with a special eye on keeping our minds healthy and our personal lives private in a world that's always connected.

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You're a Future Hacker

Not Future Proof, but Future Ready!

Set off on an exciting journey with "You're a Future Hacker",inspired by Matt's second book, 'Future Hackers'. This keynote is crafted to prepare intra/entrepreneurs and individuals for the seismic changes just around the corner.

We’ll delve into the major developments poised to redefine our world in the next decade, touching on:

  • Innovative Technologies: Familiarise yourself with key modern technologies like AI, Biotechnology, and Big Data. Discover how they're coming together and what this convergence means for everyone.
  • Work in the post-pandemic era: Grasp how the shifts caused by the pandemic are altering our work life and how you can stay ahead in the ever-changing job market.
  • Significant Modern-Day Shifts: Consider the crucial topics and trends across the globe, tackling climate action and adjusting to the post-pandemic world.
  • Human-Machine Teaming: Forget fearsome robots like the Terminator or the virtual worlds like The Matrix. Envision a future where technology boosts our skills and strengths.
  • Leading into the Unknown: Uncover the essential skills and mindsets needed to lead your team into new, unknown business landscapes.

What you’ll get from participating:

  • Actionable Insights: Gain the tools to make wise, well-informed choices for your organisation.
  • Future-Readiness: Learn strategies to prepare yourself and your team for what's to come.
  • Provocative Questions: Stimulate growth and innovation within your business with challenging questions that spark progress.

"You're a future hacker" is more than a forecast; it's about empowering you with the insights and resources to shape the future. Combining current realities with projections, this talk will enhance your understanding of where we're heading. By the end, you'll understand how to use these upcoming shifts to benefit both you and your organisation. The future is full of unknowns, but you can be ready for it. "You're the Future Hacker" will demonstrate how to excel in the promising times that lie ahead.

"Your session at our annual board strategy day made the whole team think again about some of the challenges facing us. The ideas it sparked have already led to new initiatives across the business"

Russell Atkinson

"Your content for navigating the pandemic was invaluable for our customers. Several of them remarked how they'd been able to implement your recommendations quickly into their businesses."

Scott Addington
Enterprise Marketing Director (UK), Sage