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Covid 19: Life after the pandemic

In this video, I explore a few practical changes we could see in the short to mid-term following these unusual times. You might think viral self-testing in smartphones seems far fetched? It's worth noting that Sharp introduced Geiger counters in their 'Pantone' range of phones following the Tohuku earthquake in 2011. What changes do you…
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Covid-19: Hopes of a Futurist

In this short video, I offer NO advice whatsoever. It's purely a collection of ideas i've had about how the situation could move us forward. Optimistic, yes. Naive, maybe. But - why not aim for something better than doom-saying! It's the beginning of a short content series about 'Black Swan' events - what they are,…
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Beyond Psychology, Beyond Mindset – A Future Facing Understanding of the Mind

I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week developing new writing and ideas for the forthcoming ‘Roaring 2020’s’ book mentioned here a short while ago. As I dig further into technological shifts and the resulting social changes, it’s more apparent than ever that the work of Piers Thurston and other ‘Inside-Out’ practitioners is essential…
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