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PALM-E: A Game-Changer for Robotics and a Threat to Jobs?

Hey there! Exciting news! On Monday, Google unveiled their newest robot, PALM-E! It's super powerful, equipped with over 562 billion parameters (that's more than 3 x ChatGPT's), and it can do things that other robots can't. PALM-E can learn from sight, speech and the written word to handle real-world scenarios and plan detailed tasks all…
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Loneliness and Online Communities

This post is actually a response to one on LinkedIn about Online Communities. The text of which is pasted below: How online communities are changing our world 💻 🌎 Since the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen a rise in online communities to help make us feel more connected to one another. Online communities are being…
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2050 – Marriage with Robots is Normalised?

I wanted to share a concept from my upcoming book 'Future Hackers', specifically from the final section called 'Next Frontier'. In this section, I explore the topic of 'Robosexuality' and discuss what the journey toward normalising marriage between humans and robots might look like, even though it's several decades away. One of the pressing points…
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