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3. The Future-Ready Keynote Series – New Showreel

We can never be future-proof, but we can be future-ready. As the world navigates its way past the pandemic, equip your teams with the foresight to gain new competitive advantage. I show you the trends that are shaping our lives in realistic and human terms; and how you can apply them to build your positive…
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2. The Future-Ready Keynote Series – “Science Fiction to Science Fact.”

In 'The Big 21st Century Trends', we explore the big technologies and challenges facing our species. Artificial Intelligence, Biotechnology, Future of Work and Climate Change. What should audiences be aware of and how can they live harmoniously and productively in a dramatically changing world? Together, we look at the foundational technology layers that are enabling…
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3. ‘Hybrid Working for a better world’ (video)

Significant debate exists between those who advocate for remote VS on-premise working. Survey data shows younger generations especially are looking forward to returning to a physical workplace. Older generations fared better throughout the pandemic due to increased homeworking space/capacity. The truth is, there isn't a uniform approach that caters to everyone. Hybrid working - part…
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