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3. ‘Hybrid Working for a better world’ (video)

Significant debate exists between those who advocate for remote VS on-premise working. Survey data shows younger generations especially are looking forward to returning to a physical workplace. Older generations fared better throughout the pandemic due to increased homeworking space/capacity. The truth is, there isn't a uniform approach that caters to everyone. Hybrid working - part…
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Last night: My First Meeting in Virtual Reality

One word - Extraordinary. I'd no idea what to expect when joining Gabriele Romagnoli for his 'How to Pitch XR' gathering in BigscreenVR last night. I didn't attend for the content (which was excellent), but to discover how VR could be used for events and meetings. Reflections on what made the experience: The sound quality…
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Covid-19: Hopes of a Futurist

In this short video, I offer NO advice whatsoever. It's purely a collection of ideas i've had about how the situation could move us forward. Optimistic, yes. Naive, maybe. But - why not aim for something better than doom-saying! It's the beginning of a short content series about 'Black Swan' events - what they are,…
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