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THIS WEEK: GPT-4 – The Tool That Will Make You Superhuman!

Hey all! Microsoft is set to announce its latest creation this week, the Large Language Model known as GPT-4. This incredible advancement in AI is expected to be a major step forward from what we've seen in ChatGPT. Firstly, GPT-4 will not be limited to just text - it's set to revolutionise the way we…
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2050 – Marriage with Robots is Normalised?

I wanted to share a concept from my upcoming book 'Future Hackers', specifically from the final section called 'Next Frontier'. In this section, I explore the topic of 'Robosexuality' and discuss what the journey toward normalising marriage between humans and robots might look like, even though it's several decades away. One of the pressing points…
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The Future of Social Media: From connection count to connection depth?

Pundits are forecasting that the future of social media sites will increasingly be built around people‚Äôs shared interests, values, and lifestyles. And yes, politics. How about AI that enables a communications platform to deepen the relationships with our most treasured people as opposed to maximising the number of people we connect with? Wouldn't it be…
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